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Quick Tip For Meditation

By Rita Maulucci

Meditation expands the quiet space between thoughts. It guides you into a state of deep inner peace. You can meditate at home by following these easy steps.

Create a special space where you can be alone. Add a number of your favourite things – crystals, ornaments, a treasured item from your travels, anything special to you. Burn incense or essential oils and play your favourite relaxation music.

Unplug the phone. Sit comfortably on a chair with your back straight. Keep your hands on your knees or cradled in your lap. Lengthen your spine upwards, relax the shoulders, let your heart space expand forward. Lengthen the neck, relax the jaw, feel yourself extending upwards.

Now bring all of your awareness to your breath. Take a deep breath in, followed by a long breath out. Let your breath calm you.

Feel the weight of your body on the floor. Become centred, calm and relaxed. If thoughts enter your mind, visualize them drifting past you like a cloud in the sky. Imagine your entire body is surrounded with brilliant light and let go.

Stay in this position for at least 15-20 minutes. In time your mind will begin to still, and the experience may start to become more than just relaxation. As energy from meditation builds you may start to visualize, have insights, or experience emotions or feelings. In time you will experience deeper and deeper states. Just let go and let it happen.

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