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~ Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Rida personal and professional development programs really change me?

The Rida personal and corporate program learning materials have been scientifically developed through various theories such as cognitive-behavioural psychology, applied behavioural analysis, positive psychology and psychotherapy. There is ample evidence to suggest that people who adopt proven principles and strategies are able to successfully transform their lives. If you wish to find out what other people have thought of our programs from a personal perspective, please read some of quotes in our testimonials page from people who have completed our programs.

How can these programs make a difference?

The nature of the personal and professional development programs is that they are supported 24 hours a day by a learning system to help you grow and change. Your coach will assist you in every step of the way. There is an online resource centre, an on-line library, e-mail support, telephone support, seminars and workshops to enhance your journey. So it’s not just a program; it is a supportive learning system designed to help you be successful and get what you want from life.

What makes our programs different from other personal and professional development programs?

  • They are based on hands-on experience acquired through counselling real people with real problems.
  • They are based on solid psychological and scientific principles.
  • They have been written and developed by qualified and experienced psychologists.
  • You have access to a life coach, who is a qualified psychologist.
  • The program learning materials and feedback you receive in the form of reports and personal feedback from your coach will help you to record your journey and your progress. In these programs, you have a resource, a diary, a set of notes, a guide and a reference centre for the theoretical and practical aspects of your personal development and progress. These programs are not one-off workshops – they are a support system to help you to go to where you want to. You are coached and encouraged throughout your journey – remember that it is a life long process that you can ignite with passion and embrace with self-respect.

What if I don’t change?

We’ll work together with you until you get the results you want. But remember you need to ‘want to’ change.

How soon can I expect to experience the results I want?

Quality human personal and professional development is a process that takes time – it is not a ‘quick fix’. It is an unfolding of who you really are. True change comes from:

  • Awareness (knowledge)
  • Understanding (theory)
  • Experience (practical exercises)
  • Learning (assignments, reports and feedback from coach)
  • Integration (the time needed for permanent change to occur)

The Rida personal and professional programs deliver all of this in one package.

How long do the programs take to complete?

Typically, we estimate that the programs will take a minimum of six months to complete – long-lasting change cannot occur overnight or with one or two workshops. We need time to become aware of and understand our needs; we need to discover what we want and who we are and then we need to set goals, achieve them and evaluate our progress. All this takes time but let us reassure you that it is a worthwhile and inspiring experience.

Who should do this program?

The program is suitable for anyone interested in self-improvement. It asks that participants think hard about their life and will challenge individuals on a personal and professional level.

What if I start one of the Rida programs and then realize I don’t like it?

There is no obligation to continue a program that you do not like or from which you are not deriving benefit. If you do not want to continue, just let us know and we’ll take it from there.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a form of personal mentoring which offers you support, encouragement, assistance, feedback and guidance when you need it - it is about paving the way towards achieving your full potential. Ongoing coaching and support is offered throughout your association with us and this can be conducted by telephone, e-mail or face-to-face.

This individual attention greatly enhances your learning, your motivation, your ability to overcome obstacles and your capacity to acquire new knowledge and skills.