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Personal Life Plan

The Personalised Life Plan is a special feature of Path to Personal Strength. Throughout the program, we build with you a Personalized Life Plan with information collected from your assignments. A Life Plan is a personalised report with valuable information about you, your life and where you are heading. Many suggestions will be made to you to help you understand your journey more fully and to help you stay on track by setting achievable goals in the future. It is a confidential report for your personal use that you can use as a guide and as a resource.

Specifically the Life Plan is comprised of:

1. Life Balance Report – Stage I

This concise analysis informs you of the shape of your life, as it is right now. It is an assessment of the level of balance in your life and identifies potential areas of change for your life.

2. Possibility Life Map – Stage II

This is a pictorial representation of your life as it is now and where you are heading in life if you don't make any changes. It also shows you where you could potentially be if you are willing to start contemplating change.

3. Action Plan – Stage III

This is an action plan to help you achieve your goals. It will comprise detailed steps and guidance to set you on your way towards successful goal achievement.

4. Lifestyle Solutions List – Stage IV

These are strategy options giving you guidance, ideas, referrals, links and information which are catered specifically to your requirements. It is full of practical solutions to make an impact on your daily life.

5. Personal Code Template – Stage V

A specific template written for you by your coach to support your journey. Information provided here helps you to develop your personal code for living your life as you wish and helps you to:

  • become aware of what is important to you
  • motivate you to get what you want out of your life
  • take steps to begin the process of deliberate living

6. Life Balance Report – Stage VI

This is feedback which measures the changes that have occurred for you throughout the program from Module 1 to Module 6 and guidance on how you can continue to maintain your own personal development.

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