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~ The Path to Personal Strength Program


The six modules are full of good ideas. They are based on proven approaches and real life experience. They are low on theory and high on practical exercises.

Each module is user-friendly yet the program contains profound insights about human nature and the world we live in.

Module 1: Where am I?

What you do:
You examine your life as it is now. You get a complete picture of yourself in the world and you recognise the starting point for your journey.

What you get:
When you complete Module 1, you receive a Life Balance Report – Stage 1, a professional, concise report on the shape of your life as it is. It is an assessment of the level of balance in your life and identifies potential areas of change. This useful report is provided free – whether or not you choose to continue with the program.

Module 2: Why am I here?

What you do:
This module will help you understand and accept the reasons for your life being like it is.

What you get:
Complete Module 2 within 30 days, and you receive absolutely free, your very own Possibility Life Map which is a pictorial representation of your life as it is. The Possibility Life Map shows where you are heading in life if you don’t make any changes AND opens up the possibility of positive change.

Module 3: Where would I like to be?

What you do:
This will prepare you to make changes. It gives you the tools and techniques that you need for change.

What you get:
Complete Module 3 within 30 days, and you receive an Action Plan to help you achieve your goals. This comprises detailed steps and guidance to set you on your way towards successful goal achievement.

Module 4: How do I get there?

What you do:
Here you will be shown how to go about making changes that are specific to your life.

What you get:
Complete Module 4 within 30 days and you receive a Lifestyle Solutions List giving you guidance, referrals, links and information catering specifically to your requirements.

Module 5: Who Am I?

What you do:
Here you look within yourself in order to connect more closely with your inner life. You reflect on your fundamental values.

What you get:
Complete Module 5 within 30 days and you receive a Personal Code Template written for you by your coach. The information provided helps you develop your personal code for living your life as you wish and helps you to become more aware of what is important to you.

Module 6: Am I getting there?

What you do:
As your life journey beyond the program begins, you are given the opportunity to reassess "Where am I?" You continue to update your personal development on an ongoing basis and you gauge the progress you have made.

What you get:
Complete Module 6 within 30 days and you receive Stage 2 of your Life Balance Report. This is straight-talking feedback which measures the changes that have occurred for you throughout the program from Module 1 through to Module 6 and guidance on how you can continue to maintain your own personal development.

Your Personalised Life Plan

Throughout the program we build with you an invaluable Personal Life Plan with information collected from your assignments. The Personal Life Plan will help you stay on track by setting achievable goals for the immediate future and beyond. Obviously, it is totally confidential – and you'll be able to use it as a reference point for many years. This is a personalised report about you as an individual with valuable information about you, your life and where you are heading. It will contain many suggestions to help you understand your journey more fully.

Certificate of Completion

When you complete the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. It will be your reminder of a rewarding program and the ongoing improvements you have made to your life.

Path to Personal Strength Privacy Policy

No information provided by you will be passed on to any third party. All information is strictly confidential as your coach abides by the Australian Psychological Society Code of Ethics.

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