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~ The Path to Personal Strength Program

The Path to Personal Strength (PPS) Program combines the intimacy of one-on-one counselling with the learning outcomes of formal education.

Path to Personal Strength will help to achieve the following:

  • general sense of happiness
  • acquire a deep understanding of one's personal needs and how best to satisfy them
  • success in one's chosen fields of interest
  • better management of emotions and relationships
  • a sense of control and self-empowerment
  • a renewed sense of honesty, trust and integrity
  • a balanced life
  • a sense of fun!

How the Program Works

It's a correspondence program.

Path to Personal Strength is a correspondence program. The main benefits of correspondence are:

  • You can work through the program at your own pace
  • It's very time-efficient because there is no travelling involved
  • It offers a level of privacy that no group course can offer
  • The program is customised for you as an individual
  • The program provides one-on-one personal assistance.

Here's what you get

The Path to Personal Strength program consists of:

  • Access to your own personal life coach.
  • Six printed modules of theory and practical exercises. This is the core manual and it will become a valuable resource which you can refer to year after year.
  • A 'journey workbook' which is your own written record of your journey of self-discovery.
  • Professional feedback to six written assignments that you complete. This feedback builds to your Personalised Life Plan.
  • Discovery and reflection questionnaires for your use.
  • Strong support from your very own coach.
  • A recorded audio tape or CD. This assists you with the practical exercises in the core manual.
  • A Path to Personal Strength folder for storing all the components of the program to make them easy to use.
  • Access to the online resources.
  • Eligibility to attend optional seminars.

You receive the various components of the program in hard copy but you can choose to respond by mail or email.

Sample before you buy !

  • You invest in the first module and it comes to you in hard copy via the mail
  • You complete the assignment for the first module within 30 days
  • You receive a professional, concise report on the shape of your life as it is
  • You then decide whether you want to continue – it's completely your choice
  • When you choose to continue, you commit to the total program. From there you are billed monthly and you receive the next module each month until you have worked through all six modules.

What the program is not!

Path to Personal Strength is not therapy.

It is not a program that burdens people with additional skills or pointless exercises or meaningless challenges.
It is not a simplistic 'weekender' type of experience that gives you a boost for a few days but does nothing to permanently change old habits.
It is not an endless list of do's and don'ts and confusing instructions.
It is not just theory that simply raises difficult questions and leaves you wondering.

Generous Guarantee

We are so confident about the value of Path to Personal Strength that we are happy to provide a generous refund policy if you believe we are not keeping our end of the bargain or if you are not happy about the program and the benefits it offers.

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