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~ The Path to Personal Strength Program

Seminars & Workshops

In addition to the Path to Personal Strength Program, you may reinforce and expand your learning through attending some specially prepared seminars and workshops.

Delivered by our coaches, each full-day seminar offers a combination of different teaching format including:

  • Workshop tasks
  • Lecturing
  • Practical case studies
  • Role-playing

Seminar 1: Personal Development Essentials

This seminar explores the basic conditions necessary for individuals to embark on their own Path to Personal Strength. It challenges participants to start identifying the 'clutter' in their lives and allows them to get back to the basics of health, relationships and security. By understanding our strongest motivations, we are better able to commit to a life that is balanced where personal development becomes a positive and natural experience. This powerful seminar helps you to gain a new and useful perspective of your life as it is now.

Seminar 2: Healing and Letting Go

So much of our experience is governed by those things we have learned in life, yet sometimes our learning acts against us and keeps us 'stuck' in the past. This seminar allows participants to full embrace the possibility of positive change by healing and letting go the wounds and old thinking deeply rooted in their past. This is a moving and profound seminar. Because letting go and healing are intensely personal experiences, the seminar has been specifically designed to respect the privacy of participants.

Seminar 3: Skills for Successful Living

There are many practical things we can do to progress our own path of personal development. Participants are given practical skills to better self-manage their lives. Self-confidence, communication skills (including gender differences in communication styles) time and stress management and goal setting are just some of the skills offered in this hands on and engaging seminar.

Seminar 4: Developing My Personal Code

All successful people seem to follow their own purpose in life. This seminar is designed to help you find your own purpose, using your own values and principles. By developing their own 'rules for being me', participants are able to clearly identify what it is they really want in life and to set goals to stay on target to fulfill their life's purpose.

Seminar 5: Understanding Personality and Behaviour

This is a fun seminar which gives participants insight into their own personality behavioural style. We all are unique personalities. This seminar allows you to measure your own personality and to find out what really 'makes you tick'. This topic is not covered in the Path to Personal Strength Program.

Specialist Program Seminars

Seminars are available to accompany our other specialist programs. We will contact all those who are undertaking a specialist program with details.

Your Say

We are happy to welcome your comments and suggestions about future seminar topics. If you would like us to develop any particular topic into a seminar, just contact us by telephone, on (03) 9499 6517 or email.

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