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The Work/Life Success Program is based on established psychological principles and has taken over eight years to research and develop.

The course is divided into six modules with each module postulating a different question for the participant to answer in order to improve his or her life with the  goal of feeling successful, happy and fulfilled at home and at work.

This program consistently encourages individuals to take risks so that we may leave our comfort zone and move into our ‘learning zone.’  Taking risks with confidence helps us to grow and mature into well-adjusted, mature, happy and balanced adults and helps us to reach our potential. 

As we move through our ‘learning zone’ and ask ourselves such questions as ‘Where am I?’ and ‘Where Would I Like To Be?’ we increasingly become aware of our natural evolution towards reaching our potential.  In the Work/Life Success Program, each question is answered in one module of learning: hence six questions equals six modules.  Let’s discuss these questions around in greater detail.


The question, Where Am I? is about analysing where we are in our lives right now and what is being achieved in all aspects of our lives.  Or put another way, how ‘productive’ are we?  This module helps us to see where the ‘gaps’ are in our lives and directs us to specific areas that we can improve, if we so choose. 

The answers to this question helps us to understand what is not working in the PRESENT.  When we understand where we are NOW in our lives, we create a strong foundation upon which to base a happy and fulfilling life for the future.

In this module participants are measured objectively and presented with a graph of where they are.  We perform a ‘pre-test’ measure and ‘post-test’ measure (Module 6) to help people see actual changes that they make throughout the program.

WHY am I here? 

Why Am I Here? is about gaining self-awareness and a greater understanding of why we are ‘here’ in our lives and not somewhere else.  Our past experiences, the choices we have made, the way we think and feel, and our beliefs and values  explain why we are ‘here.’  Another way to ask this question is what external and internal factors impacted on my life to bring me here? 

Like anything else in life our daily rituals and habits keep us where we are.  We are where we are for a number of reasons but most importantly our thinking and our attitudes determine why we are here.

WHERE would I like to be? 

Once we have accepted where we are and why we are there, we are in a strong position to start making commitments and setting goals for ourselves so that we can move towards balance and satisfying success.  So, where would I like to be?

We challenge the boundaries of our comfort zone so that our lives are enhanced to become fuller and richer.  We do this by setting goals which address the ‘gaps’ in our lives and which provide some risk for us.  These goals include work-based performance objectives.  In this module, coaches will help participants choose their individual goals carefully to reflect who they are and what they really want.
Going beyond the perimeters of our comfort zone helps us to grow as a person and to reach our OWN potential.  We could always be, MORE happy, MORE fulfilled, MORE prolific, MORE satisfied.

WHO am I? 

Once we start to implement our goals we begin to make positive changes in our lives and we shift from one identity to another.  Risk taking can often produce anxiety for many people however this is natural and normal in the context of a person going through changes.  In this module, participants are strongly supported and effectively coached through any trepidation they might be feeling.

However, once we enter into a new comfort zone, we start to feel more comfortable with who we are.  In this module we look within ourself in order to connect more closely with our inner life and we emerge having a clear understanding of our fundamental life values and how to express those at work and at home.

HOW do I get there? 

How do I get there is about how to start implementing our goals; how to troubleshoot obstacles; how to stay focused and committed and how to overcome our fears of failure and success.  In this module, coaches encourage participants to move through the process of change, perseverance, fear, risk-taking and anxiety towards fulfillment and satisfying success.

This program is a process or a journey, not a destination; it’s about moving people upwards and forwards so that they have every opportunity to excel in all areas of their lives.

AM I getting there? 

Am I getting there is essentially a ‘progress report’ about how we are going along our journey of personal evolution.  We have in effect created by now a ‘new self’ which is more self-responsible, self-trusting, self-confident and certainly more happy.  This is Module 6, where another objective measurement is taken to see how much participants have actually and significantly shifted from Module 1.    

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