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~ Work / Life Balance Program

How the Program Works

Format of the program:

  1. Free Seminar
    One free 45-minute seminar on work/life balance on site.
  2. Life Engagement Assessment
    An optional comprehensive questionnaire for participants to complete on-line in their own time (about 20 minutes). It comprises 178 questions, roughly evenly divided between the following categories:
    • Lifestyle Habits, eg. diet, fitness, relationships, stress management etc.
    • Personal Fulfilment Indices, eg. emotional management, commitment, change management, self-management, self-responsibility, confidence, goal setting, thinking habits etc.
    • Values, eg. tolerance, honesty, self-discipline, reliability, enthusiasm etc.
    • Workplace, eg. personal output, team goals, team engagement, professional development, relationships with superiors/colleagues/subordinates, workplace communication and people skills etc.
    1. Life Engagement Participant Report
      The results of the questionnaire are presented in a detailed report, which includes:
      • A detailed summary of the results
      • Step-by-step plan to begin preparing and setting goals
      • An action plan to implement goals
      • Goal evaluation exercise
    2. Life Engagement Strategic Report
      The stake holder/manager overseeing the program will receive a confidential Work/life Success Strategic Report of the aggregate results of the Life Engagement Assessments of their employees. This will include:
      • Detailed aggregated information on the four categories outlined above
      • An interpretation of the results
      • Recommendations for training and non-training solutions
  3. Follow-up Program
    Based on the findings of the assessments, managers may elect to utilise our services to develop a tailor-made program catering to an organisation’s specific needs. Options include:
    • Interactive workshops
    • Seminars
    • Experiential learning through completion of assignments based on real-life situations including written feedback
    • Individual personal coaching ensuring that participants receive personalized attention and encouragement. Coaching can be conducted by telephone and/or face-to-face

**Learning materials and notes are provided at all levels of training.


  1. Free Seminar
    Cost: Nil.
  2. Life Engagement Assessment
    Cost: $100 per participant (minimum number of participants = 10)
    1. Life Engagement Participant Report
      Cost: Nil.
    2. Life Engagement Strategic Report (for Managers)
      Cost: $200.
  3. Follow-up Program
    Cost: To be negotiated.

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