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~ Specialist Programs

We are pleased to offer a number of specialist, single subject programs for those interested in developing skills and knowledge in specific areas.

Specialist programs are shorter than Path to Personal Strength and may be completed within two to three months. They are ideal for those wishing to obtain a lot of information, insight and practical skills in a short time.

The Specialist Programs are:

Path to a Loving Relationship

Relationships are the cornerstone of happiness and fulfilment and they are a basic necessity of life. We all have needs for love and belonging and it is through relationships that we have these basic human needs met.

An important type of relationship we all need is an intimate or interpersonal relationship. Whenever you meet someone on an intimate level, you form an interpersonal or romantic attachment. Understanding how such relationships begin, what makes them work and how to cope when they are deteriorating or ending is fascinating.

Your relationship with your partner has an impact on everything you do. This program delivers great insight into relationship dynamics and how to stay on the path to happy relationships.

This program will give you skills and knowledge to understand and enjoy one of the most basic and important aspects of our life. The program is about how to continually develop the relationship, perfect your communication skills, set new goals, overcome conflict and built supportive loving behaviours.

Path to Confident Parenting

Based on academic research and years of practical experience, this program provides skills and knowledge to ensure that parenting is both fun and rewarding. More importantly, the insights provided here will make for happy, well-adjusted children. This is an excellent program for those who are, or want to be, confident parents and for those who work with children and families.

Path to Positive Communication (Including Conflict Resolution and Assertiveness)

Communication is one of the most powerful aspects of living. More than 60% of our daily activities are communication activities. Few of us however see communication as a precise and effective tool. Yet effective communication skills are one of the keys to improving our relationships, our productivity at home and at work, our social life and indeed our whole level of satisfaction and personal growth. This program teaches how to become a superb communicator and deals with many aspects of communication including how to resolve conflict and how to be assertive.

Path to Self-Management (Including Time and Goal Management)

This program is excellent for those seeking to full develop the self-management techniques touched on in Path to Personal Strength. There is no doubt that successful people manage themselves very well. Through careful planning and resource allocation, we can not only be more successful but we can create the time to enjoy being more successful. This program delivers the microskills that help us achieve those things in life that we know will make us happy.

Path to Successful Stress Management

This program helps you detect symptoms of stress and delivers strategies and techniques to help manage your stress. It also looks at the theory of stress, what it is and how to turn negative into positive stress. This program is based on work that the David Bottomley and Rita Maulucci have performed on behalf of many corporations to help their people not only to manage their stress levels but to enjoy their stress response.

Counselling Essentials

With many, many years experience as counsellors and of teaching counselling, David Bottomley and Rita Maulucci have developed this program for those who wish to learn the basics of counselling or brush up on their skills. The program is full of practical exercises and offers the microskills necessary to counsel in a number of settings including at work and at home. This is a very cost-effective way of learning skills for which other groups charge thousands.

If you wish to discuss any of our specialist programs, please contact your coach. To enroll in any program either click on enrol at our website or contact us by telephone, email or mail for an enrolment form.