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~ Work / Life Success Program

"Be Happy. If you're successful but unhappy, that's emptiness."
- John McEnroe.

David Bottomley and Rita Maulucci offer a range of services aimed at enhancing satisfaction and success in the workplace.  Our services are distinctly personalised and always tailored to suit the individual needs of the employees within the organisation.

CEOs and Managers know that their success depends on how well they build their people and how well they lead their teams.  People perform to their best when the majority of their values are congruent to the values of their organisation. Employee’s performance is then consistently achieved when people and organisational values are aligned.

So, by team members being supported to have a healthy work/life success that meet with their values they feel accomplished and happy and perform at a high level, consistently producing good results.

The program focuses on the concept of ‘satisfying success’ and how the Work/Life Success Program can help achieve it.  Satisfying success is the outcome achieved from pursuing and achieving worthwhile workplace goals to which the employee has an emotional connection and is perceived to be meaningful.  This is based on research findings from a study on the determinants of happiness, thus:

“A sense of meaning and purpose is the single attitude most strongly associated with life satisfaction.”

Organizations lose money by employing individuals who are not happy or satisfied.  This produces thinking and behaviours that keep the individual from performing at their best and thus increasing turnover and absenteeism costs to business.  This program assists individuals to take on the self-responsibility to be balanced, successful and happy.  This will impact most positively on the bottom line of your organization.  
We help our clients to become successful and happy in their personal and professional lives.  We help companies through our Work/Life Success Program.  We are registered psychologists interested in helping people to reach their potential.  We strongly believe that people desire to be happy and satisfied in their lifestyle and chosen profession and that personal development is one avenue of achieving their goals.

The program was written in response to the growing realization and appreciation that individuals who live healthy satisfying successful lives are more productive, settled and happier in all aspects of their life. 

Value Proposition

This program is unique because it gives low-cost, one-on-one, personalized guidance to individuals in the workplace on how to lead satisfying successful lives at work and at home.  This inevitably reflects into the health of their employing organization.

Mission Statement

A program which helps companies attract and retain productive personnel by delivering to participants the tools in order to be balanced, successful and happy.  To deliver this program to the highest possible standards, ethics and quality in a profitable manner.

Program Details

"Build your people to build your profits"

This program is about how to FEEL successful and create high quality in all aspects of life including

  • our external life, such as work, family and relationships, finances, fitness and health, recreational pursuits, intellectual pursuits
  • our internal life, such as being aware of our thinking, managing our emotions, understanding our fears, making commitments, living by our values, communication, creativity, self-worth and self-acceptance, trusting in our abilities, our spirituality and self-responsibility.

The Work/Life Success program has been designed to make people aware of the imbalance in their outer and inner lives and to give people the skills to create a happy personal life and a more satisfying and fulfilling working life.  The program deliberately challenges participants to think about, and make real, the type of life they really want.  It is challenging, informative and provides many hands-on exercises to help them achieve long-lasting benefits.   

The Work/Life Success program helps to achieve the following:-

  • Motivation, empowerment and satisfying success
  • Better performance at work and greater realization of OWN potential
  • Better management of emotions and relationships at work and at home
  • Less stress, more relaxed and optimistic
  • Long-lasting positive change in participants
  • Integrity and respect
  • Worthy achievement of goals

The program has six modules which are based on proven approaches and real life experience.  The modules contain theory and concepts which are easy to understand, they are user-friendly and they contain profound insights about human nature and the world we live in.  

The outcomes for employers who implement the Work/Life Success program are:

  • You will acquire the tools to build the knowledge/skills into your business/organisation to eradicate negative emotions, reduce stress and create a culture of cooperation, happiness and success.
  • Your employees will be more successfully satisfied and therefore will be more productive, committed, passionate and accountable, providing you with the cost benefits of reduced turnover, absenteeism and recruitment costs that flow straight to your bottom line.
  • You will become an “Employer of Choice” by retaining your talented staff through personal development that builds their resourcefulness, motivation and productivity – and at the same time, your company’s success.
  • You will learn the key to your company’s new future – a future you may never have realised existed before.  The key? Your people.  The companies that are perceived to care about and support the ‘people’ aspect of business are attracting and retaining the best talent in their respective industry.
  • Your organization will ‘hums’ with vitality and energy

The benefits are:

  • Strong retention rates and lower recruitment costs
  • A lower ‘churn’ rate
  • Employees risk of illness is lowered and employees’ wellbeing increases
  • Employee’s perceive that employers care and therefore feel more committed and motivated
  • Increased productivity and marked improvements in performance
  • Greater realization of potential
  • Lower rates of absenteeism and work-related illness
  • Reduced overheads
  • Improved customer experience
  • A more motivated, satisfied, equitable and happy workforce
  • Successful realization of company goals
  • Efficiency
  • Greater team work

Surround yourself with great people and you will have a great company.