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The Path to Personal Strength Program

The PPS Program is available to you for:
• A discounted rate of $1295 (includes GST), up-front payment
• $229/month for 6 months
• $119/month for 12 months

Make an investment in the first module (including assignment) and it will come to you in hard copy via the mail. Complete the assignment within 30 days and you will receive a professional, concise report on the shape of your life as it is, absolutely FREE. You then decide whether you want to continue - it's completely your choice. When you choose to continue, you commit to the complete program and you receive the rest of the program (6 Modules, Journey Workbook and 6 Assignments). You are then billed monthly for the five remaining months.

Workshops & Seminars

Contact us about dates and costs for:
1. Personal Development Essentials
2. Healing and Letting Go
3. Skills for Successful Living
4. Developing Your Personal Code
5. Understanding Your Personality and Behaviour

Specialist Programs

Contact us about costs for:
1. Path to a Loving Relationship
2. Path to Confident Parenting
3. Path to Positive Communication
4. Path to Self Management
5. Path to Stress Management
6. Counselling Essentials