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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND AGREEMENT WITH: David Bottomley and Rita Maulucci ("the Group")

In making this Application I acknowledge and agree with the following:-

1. I understand that the services which will be provided by the Group are generally described in the Information Booklet which has been provided to me and which I have read and understood.

2. I acknowledge that the Group offers six modules. I understand that I may enroll in the first module for a cost of $149 and if I do so I will not be obliged to complete the entire program of six modules. If after receiving the first module I decide not to continue with the program and I return all of the program materials within seven days, I will be entitled to a full refund of all monies previously paid by me to the Group, less an administration fee of $30. I understand that if I complete the first module within thirty days, then the Group will provide me with a Life Balance Report. I understand that after I receive the Life Balance Report, I will be entitled, for a period of seven days to advise the Group that I do not wish to undertake the remaining five modules in which case this Agreement will be at an end. If I do not so advise the Group, I will then undertake the full and remaining five modules and the following terms of this Agreement will take effect.

3. I will receive the next module in the program each month for five months. The Group will bill me $149 when I receive each module.

4. I will be entitled to defer the program at any time for a period of up to twelve months provided I notify the Group of my intention to do so.

5. All materials of any description received by me from the Group are protected by copyright and I will not directly nor indirectly reproduce, copy or loan to any person any such materials.

6. Group programs are subject to changing accreditation and academic standards. The program may change from time to time due to academic and/or accreditation requirements.

7. The Group is entitled to refuse my application in its sole discretion and in which case it will refund to me any application fees.

8. I will not in any manner infringe any trademark or intellectual property of the Group.

9. I will respect the good name of the Group and will not do anything to bring it or its principals or employees into disrepute and I will maintain the highest standards of confidentiality, ethics and behaviour in all relevant practices concerning my clients and the Group and I will not at any time undertake any action which might in any way be adverse to the Group.

10. The Group does not comprise a therapist or therapists and is not providing to me any form of therapeutic services.

11. I do not have any pre-existing mental, emotional or physical condition which could render me susceptible to any adverse effect of undergoing the program. I understand that if I have any pre-existing condition which I fail to disclose to the Group then the Group will not bear any responsibility of any description whatsoever for any such adverse effect. I acknowledge that the Group has recommended that if I have any concern or doubts regarding this matter, then I should seek expert medical advice.

12. I acknowledge that access to coaches as provided by the Group will be reasonable and will be within the Group's sole discretion and will be for a period of time determined by the Group which will not exceed twelve months.

13. The Group may terminate this Agreement as a result of which I will be deemed to be deregistered from my chosen program and my entitlement to refund of fees (if any) will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

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